Electrician’s To-Do List: What It Should Include

18February 2022

Whether you are building or remodeling a home you will likely need to hire an electrician at some point. It is usually required that any new wiring be completed by a licensed and certified electrician. You’ll be required to give your electrician a to-do list to ensure that they know what you want done.

Every to-do list will look different, but if you are remodeling a house here are some ideas for you to use for your to-do list.

Evaluate Current Wiring

If your current wiring was done many years ago it is likely not up to code for today’s requirements. Ask your electrician to evaluate your wiring and make suggestions on how to make it better. Safety regulations from just 20 years ago are very different from what they are today. This one act could save your entire family.

Check Old Outlets

If your outlets are as old as your wiring you probably need new ones. The plugs become stretched out over time and can be damaged leading to a fire hazard. Plus many old outlets aren’t GFCI outlets which are a lot safer. (ground fault circuit interrupter)

Remove or Add Phone Jacks

Do you still use a landline? Many people don’t, so if you don’t you can have the landline jacks removed, giving your wall a cleaner look or adding another outlet instead. If you do still use landlines perhaps a better version that works better is available today.

Install Different Types of Lighting

Perhaps you want a dimmer switch, or you want lights that turn on and off if someone enters the room to save on energy bills. Maybe you want overhead lighting in your office or under a cabinet in the kitchen so you can see well.

Save Energy with Programmable Thermostats

Since you’re remodeling, why not upgrade your thermostat so that it’s programmable. If your thermostat automatically sets itself appropriately for daytime and nighttime you can save quite a large percentage on your utility bills.

Install Exterior Outlets

Do you like to use electrical equipment for yard work such as electric hedge trimmers or an electric chainsaw because they are more powerful than the battery operated kind? Then ask your electrician to install convenient exterior outlets for you.

Other Items

Go through your home with a pad and pen to ensure that you don’t leave anything off of your remodel for your electrician. Go in each room and observe what needs to be changed or added. Do you want a new overhead lighting fixture, what about a ceiling fan? Write it all down so you can remember when you create your electricians to do list.

Your list is going to look different from this list because it depends on whether you are doing a remodel, a new build, or something else entirely. Regardless, it’s a good idea to write everything down so that you and your electrician don’t forget anything. You’ll save both time and money with an electrician to do list.

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